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It’s been a long process making The Coffee Man, we’ve been following Sasa now for nearly 2 years! The film has taken us across the globe, leading us through Ethiopia, Honduras, Colombia, Seattle, Melbourne and of course his home town of Canberra (many times!). We’ve also been lucky enough meet a lot of amazing people from all walks of life, that have all allowed us into their lives, cameras in hand, to share their part of this story with us, and in turn, with you!


Here you can see a visual diary of our travels, our moments of excitement, madness and celebration. We are also working on a behind the scenes video that you will be able to access in the deluxe online download, so keep an eye out for that if you want to really see what it was like making this film, warts and all!

Meet The Cast

While The Coffee Man follows the journey of Sasa Sestic, his story couldn't have been told without a cast of fascinating characters. So we wanted to give you the change to meet the people that make up the Coffee Man family! 

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Behind The Scenes

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